Make Your Home Warmer with Viridian Retrofit Double Glazing


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Make Your Home Warmer with Viridian Retrofit Double Glazing


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Are you looking for a warmer, dryer, quieter or a more comfortable home?

Is your house too cold in winter, too warm in summer, or does it get a lot of condensation?

Viridian Retrofit double glazing can provide you with the perfect solution.

Not only can you enjoy a comfortable year-round temperature – Viridian Retrofit double glazing can reduce condensation, lower your heating bills, reduce external noise and enhance the health of your home.

Our friendly team of consultants are based New Zealand-wide to help make it as easy as possible for you to select the best solution for your home.

Retrofit Double Glazing

What is Retrofit Double Glazing?

Retrofit double glazing is a process that replaces the single glazing in your existing windows and glass doors with double glazed units. The exact type of glass that will be used will be determined by the specific results that you want and the solutions that will work best in your existing home and window frames.

We have solutions for both aluminium and timber windows. Our double glazed units are all made by us right here in New Zealand.

Why Choose Viridian Retrofit Double Glazing?

Viridian Retrofit double glazing provides a number of benefits that will help make your home more comfortable, throughout the entire year.

Warmer in Winter

Did you know that up to 45% of warmth escapes through single-glazed windows and doors? Viridian Retrofit double glazing will help your home stay warmer.

Lower Heating Costs

Because Viridian Retrofit double glazing helps reduce heat that is lost through your windows, your home will stay warmer and you can enjoy the added benefit of lower heating costs.

Cooler in Summer

Our purpose designed glass solutions for double glazing can reduce the amount of heat that will enter your home in the summer by reflecting the sun’s heat, keeping your interior cooler.

Reduced Condensation

Viridian Retrofit double glazing will help significantly reduce condensation on your windows. This saves you all the hassle wiping and drying off your windows and window sills.

A Healthier Home

Reducing the amount of condensation on windows and keeping the home warmer with retrofit double glazing will help create a healthier environment for all the family.

Reduced Noise

Viridian Retrofit double glazing provides better noise reduction than single glazing. By reducing the amount of outside noise that enters your home you can have a quieter and more peaceful interior.

Our Easy Decision Process, Customised Just for You

Rather than expecting you to have to wade through lots of brochures and technical information, our friendly local consultant will visit your home to work out the best double glazing solution. They will answer all your questions, assess the best options for your home, explain how the process will look in your windows and outline the installation process.

The double glazing solution they recommend for your home will be fully customised to suit your specific requirements, window frames and budget. Whether you want to double glaze your whole home or just a couple of rooms, our consultants will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation assessment of your windows to help you achieve the results that you want.

Leaders in Glass Innovation and Quality

Viridian Retrofit is a division of the well-established company Viridian Glass, which has been leading the way in glass innovation and quality in New Zealand for 130 years. Viridian has been making glass for 75 of those years and is today the largest glass supplier and only manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand.

Viridian has an in-depth understanding of the performance and thermal values of every piece of glass that we sell and has a solid reputation for providing reliable and professional service throughout the whole glass process – from manufacturing the material through to installing double glazing and watching our glass come to life.

By choosing Viridian Retrofit double glazing you can be assured of exceptional service, glass solutions and support, wherever you live in New Zealand.

Our Promise

We promise to treat each client uniquely, complete our work professionally and conduct our business with the utmost of integrity. Every day. Every job. Every time.

You can check out our great service for yourself, by booking a free, no-obligation consultation today.